20 percent less CO2 is possible

PTV Group is committed to the EU-funded eCoMove project

Karlsruhe, Germany, 12/12/2013. Traffic accounts for 23% of CO2 emissions around the world. It is worth using this lever to reduce CO2 emissions. The EU-funded eCoMove project involves 32 project partners in order to protect the environment and to reduce the travel times between cities using a combination of the newest Car-2-Car and Car-2-Infrastructure technologies. It is not only about improving technologies, but also driver behaviour as well as traffic and fleet management. The PTV Group is one of the project partners who is involved in several elements of the project.

In April 2010, 32 partners from across Europe came together in the eCoMove project (Cooperative Mobility Systems and Services for Energy Efficiency) in order to address the issue of energy efficiency in road transport. They assume that there must in theory be a minimum energy consumption level for each trip in a particular vehicle that is determined by two factors: the perfect driving method and the perfect transport network – both optimised from ecological perspectives. The actual, higher energy consumption is the result of such factors as inefficient driving behaviour. eCoMove aims to optimise the driving behaviour and transport flow. It is achieved by ecologically optimised traffic management. The goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions by 20 percent. The results were presented at the final event at the end of November.

"20 percent less CO2 is possible. We have demonstrated this by the results of the lighthouse project for sustainable mobility. At the final event the project partners were able to impressively demonstrate what is feasible when technologies, drivers, vehicles, traffic management, tour planning and optimisation are perfectly aligned to a common objective and communicate with each other," explains Dr. Thomas Schwerdtfeger, member of the Board of Directors of PTV Group.

Cooperative systems
The project partners developed basic technologies and applications that use Car-2-Car and Car-2-Infrastructure communication. These cooperative systems enable real-time eco-relevant vehicle data to be exchanged with other vehicles and traffic management centres to help the drivers save fuel and improve traffic management accordingly. Data from both vehicles and infrastructure was used for optimisation.

Ecological driver support
Four areas were covered in terms of driver support: Green routing determines the best possible route using static and dynamic traffic information. "Learning maps" play a role as they update themselves based on earlier experience. The "ecoSmart Driving Assistant" supports the driver with the most energy-efficient strategy and dynamic driving recommendations during the trip. The analysis of the routes driven gives the driver feedback on his or her driving behaviour. This part was rounded off by ecological logistics planning and an eco-bonus system that rewards energy-efficient drivers.

Ecological traffic management

Positive effects arise from the interaction of an ecological green wave, balanced priority control and ecological route distribution. Specifically this means that vehicles are assigned to routes or given the "green light" to move forward based on their energy efficiency. So vehicles with higher emissions should, for example, be guided through the city and beyond more quickly. Ecological motorway management covers support for entry dosing on motorways, speed and distance control and optimising merging manoeuvres when lanes disappear whilst considering ecological aspects. In addition, fuel consumption and expected emissions are predicted and drivers supported with a strategic ecological model.

One destination, six packages

The project partners worked on six packages for eCoMove. As part of the IP Coordination and Transfer work package the project partners provided the technical data principles for the whole project. The second work package developed and integrated basic technologies; it also provided the technical coordination for the whole project. For the ecoSmartdriving work package the partners generated solutions to support the driver in achieving an ecological driving method. The "ecoFreight & Logistics" package concentrated on applications for ecological truck driver assistance and ecological freight and logistics management. The partners developed applications for cooperative traffic management using ecological aspects in the "ecoTrafficManagement & Control" work package. The focus of the sixth work package was on validation and evaluation. Here the researchers analysed the expected influence of the various solutions that the project had generated on driving behaviour, mobility and efficiency in the road network and the environment; it also investigated costs and benefits.

"Private and commercial drivers, road operators and traffic managers, logistics planners and the automotive industry – and above all the environment – will benefit from the solutions generated by eCoMove. PTV was the only partner in the project to be involved in both the transport and logistics planning areas. We were involved in three work packages as we were the only ones to offer both logistics and traffic management. With our technology and expertise, we made a significant contribution to this innovative project," summarised Schwerdtfeger.

You can find additional information at www.ecomove-project.eu. A video on the project can be downloaded from tinyurl.com/ecomove-film.

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PTV. The Mind of Movement

Die PTV Group betrachtet Verkehr und Logistik als Ganzes, um Mobilität zukunftsfähig zu gestalten. Ausgezeichnet als Weltmarktführer entwickelt das Unternehmen intelligente Softwarelösungen für die Transportlogistik, die Verkehrsplanung und das Verkehrsmanagement. Das hilft Städten, Unternehmen und Personen dabei, Zeit und Kosten zu sparen, Straßen sicherer zu machen und Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt zu minimieren. Die PTV setzt ihr weltweit einzigartiges Expertenwissen zu allen Facetten der Mobilität dafür ein, dass Menschen und Güter rechtzeitig, sicher und ressourcenschonend ihre Ziele erreichen.

Mehr als 2.500 Städte setzen PTV-Produkte ein. Transporte in über einer Million Fahrzeugen werden mit PTV-Software geplant. Das Europäische Verkehrsmodell, das den gesamten Personen- und Güterverkehr in Europa abdeckt, wird mit PTV-Software entwickelt. Auch dafür arbeiten rund um den Globus über 900 Kolleginnen und Kollegen mit Leidenschaft an leistungsstarken Lösungen. Der Hauptsitz im Herzen der Technologieregion Karlsruhe ist Entwicklungs- und Innovationszentrum. Von hier aus plant und optimiert die PTV seit 1979 alles, was Menschen und Güter bewegt.

Die deutsche Gesellschaft PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG ist ein Unternehmen der PTV Group. www.ptvgroup.com.

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