PTV Group joins the Future Logistics Living Lab Australia

PTV Group has become a new member of the Living Lab at NICTA; an innovation platform for the Australian logistics industry

Karlsruhe, Germany, 23 July 2013. PTV Group is proud to become a participant in the Future Logistics Living Lab Australia. In the Lab, one won’t find men in white coats, but rather an interactive demonstration space for cutting-edge technologies and a living community of industry, research and government experts. These sectors work together to find innovative solutions to operational challenges facing the Australian logistics industry. The Lab also provides a productive platform to de-velop, test and demonstrate new technologies. PTV Group’s participation in the Lab clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting research into future-oriented logistic solutions.

New in the Australian logistics industry

"It is a vote of confidence," says Joost Bekker, Business Development Director at PTV Asia Pacific, about PTV Group’s participation in the Lab. "The lab looks to bring together leading industry participants. PTV Group can bring tangible experience and innovative technology to support the lab in developing new solutions.”

The Lab’s primary objective is to develop innovative solutions for the Australian logistics industry so that logistics transport chains can become more efficient, environmentally-friendly and safer. In doing so, the Lab positions itself as a world renowned think-tank. Special emphasis is placed on aspects such as rising fuel costs, increasing levels of congestion, the reduction of emissions and the improvement of traffic safety.

Double commitment by PTV

PTV Group is unique in offering solutions for the traffic, mobility as well as logistics industries. The division PTV Concepts & Solutions unites experts from the transport and logistics industry, transportation planning, development planning, economics, information technology and project management. PTV Group’s key input into the Lab is concerned with technological know-how from the transportation planning industry and traffic technology on the one hand, and on the other hand broad experience with logistic technologies. In terms of logistics, the PTV xServers are particularly useful as they suit the development of new innovative solutions. "With these components the emissions of a transport chain can be calculated down to drop level," according to Bekker.

"We support different industries in becoming more efficient, productive and in sustainably reducing the costs with reference to the emission of exhaust gases. A better quality of life for today's and future generations," confirms Neil Temperley, Leader of the Lab. "A strong community of active participants is the key to the lab addressing these challenges, testing new ideas and implementing change." The size of the laboratory enables the low-cost development of really new ideas and prototypes in a low-risk environment.

The Living Lab today and in the future

The Future Logistics Living Lab in Sydney, Australia, was established by NICTA (National ICT Australia) in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering and SAP AG. The Living Lab is set up at NICTA’s premises in the Australian Technology Park in Sydney and features an exhibition, event and work space of 200 m2 and futuristic demonstrations showcase technologies created and tested by participants of the Lab. The Lab is also a member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), the international federation of benchmarked Living Labs with over 300 Labs in Europe and around the world.

Today, the network of Australia’s first Living Lab has more than thirty participants, who work together to exchange experience, discuss trends, innovate and research to jointly shape the future of logistics.

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PTV. The Mind of Movement

Die PTV Group betrachtet Verkehr und Logistik als Ganzes, um Mobilität zukunftsfähig zu gestalten. Ausgezeichnet als Weltmarktführer entwickelt das Unternehmen intelligente Softwarelösungen für die Transportlogistik, die Verkehrsplanung und das Verkehrsmanagement. Das hilft Städten, Unternehmen und Personen dabei, Zeit und Kosten zu sparen, Straßen sicherer zu machen und Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt zu minimieren. Die PTV setzt ihr weltweit einzigartiges Expertenwissen zu allen Facetten der Mobilität dafür ein, dass Menschen und Güter rechtzeitig, sicher und ressourcenschonend ihre Ziele erreichen.

Mehr als 2.500 Städte setzen PTV-Produkte ein. Transporte in über einer Million Fahrzeugen werden mit PTV-Software geplant. Das Europäische Verkehrsmodell, das den gesamten Personen- und Güterverkehr in Europa abdeckt, wird mit PTV-Software entwickelt. Auch dafür arbeiten rund um den Globus über 900 Kolleginnen und Kollegen mit Leidenschaft an leistungsstarken Lösungen. Der Hauptsitz im Herzen der Technologieregion Karlsruhe ist Entwicklungs- und Innovationszentrum. Von hier aus plant und optimiert die PTV seit 1979 alles, was Menschen und Güter bewegt.

Die deutsche Gesellschaft PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG ist ein Unternehmen der PTV Group. www.ptvgroup.com.

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The PTV Group has become a new member of Future Logistics Living Lab: Neil Temperley, Manager of the Future Logistics Living Lab, and Joost Bekker, Business Development Director at PTV Asia Pacific, met at the Lab.


Research at the PTV Group – Thinking ahead for the mobility of tomorrow

A great amount of effort is needed to create mobility for the future which protects the basis of our livelihoods. For many years employees at PTV Group from various fields, planners and software developers have been taking part in national and international research projects in order to develop concepts, strategies and models for a sustainable mobility. We, as consortium leader, aid international and interdisciplinary teams to the targeted project success.

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