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Optimising traffic in real time: SMIGHT and PTV have teamed up to develop a joint solution for cities and municipalities

Karlsruhe, 13 June 2018. The smart city of tomorrow is benefiting from the increasing intelligence of our infrastructure. The EnBW brand SMIGHT (Smart City Light) and PTV Group [...]

Managing curb activities to reduce congestion

Karlsruhe, 24.05.2018. PTV Group collaborated with the International Transport Forum (ITF) to model congestion and operational impacts of new curb use scenarios related to ride [...]

International Transport Forum 2018: PTV Group drives road safety forward

Karlsruhe, 16 May 2018. From 23 to 25 May, transport ministers from approximately 60 countries will come together for the International Transport Forum (ITF) in Leipzig. With the [...]
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