Clusters 2.0: Get connected!

2017 transport logistic in Munich: Side event on the launch of the new EU research project Clusters 2.0

Karlsruhe, Germany, 05.05.2017. The new EU research project Clusters 2.0, coordinated by PTV Group, got kicked off on 1 May. A side event on the launch of this exciting project will take place at the transport logistic exhibition in Munich on 10 May. Everyone interested is cordially invited to attend.

Logistics clusters can deliver real economic benefits for all logistics hubs (e.g. Duisport in Duisburg or Heathrow in London) that offer a mix of intermodal connections and logistics platforms and thus handle high volumes of cargo. They help reduce transport costs and emissions while strengthening the economic power of the region. And they have a positive impact on urban areas. This is due to the fact that clusters are often located near major cities. In addition, goods are moved from and to the transhipment points via cities or they are delivered to inner-city destinations. As a result, cooperative delivery services help minimize air and noise pollution in urban areas. However, even well-established clusters have not yet tapped their full potential in terms of competitiveness and sustainability, because there is a lack of coordination: not just coordination among local stakeholders, but also among current European logistics clusters.

“This is where Clusters 2.0 comes in with a connected multimodal logistics network consisting of multiple clusters oriented towards the physical internet. The aim of this project is to enable all stakeholders to cooperate with each other and to enhance their cargo operations in terms of transparency, efficiency and sustainability,” says Marcel Huschebeck, Manager Logistics Research at PTV Group and project coordinator of Clusters 2.0. PTV will provide multiple services, such as PTV Drive&Arrive, a cloud-based service which computes the exact expected arrival time of the shipment.

The AEOLIX research project is also based on the concept of networking. Here, a pan-European logistics platform is being developed for the digitization of transport and logistics for cities, shippers and logistics providers. As a member of the AEOLIX project, PTV provides applications and services for trip planning, geocoding and for the accurate arrival time estimation.

The side event will take place at Schuhbecks am Turm, East entrance, Munich Trade Fair Centre. The reception starts at 11:30 a.m. Duration of the event: 12:00 to 14:00. Those interested should contact researchping@ptvgrouppong.com.


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Marcel Huschebeck, Manager Logistics Research at PTV Group and Project Coordinator of the new EU research project Clusters 2.0