IPIC 2019: Combining forces to face future challenges in logistics

The 6th International Physical Internet Conference in London, from 9 - 11 July 2019

Karlsruhe, Germany, 08.07.2019. Sending goods through open channels as easily as information via the internet – that is the concept of the Physical Internet (PI). It applies the principle of exchange of standardised data packets to material flows, which would help make transport logistics more efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly. Each year, experts come together at IPIC to present and discuss further steps concerning the implementation of this approach. The PTV Group has addressed this topic at an early stage and its experts have once again been invited to speak at the conference.

Networked logistics, PI fundamentals, IT systems, control and implementation, synchro-modal transport, as well as the interests and roles of the different stakeholders will be discussed at the international PI event. Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about new business models, supporting technologies and projects and discuss the latest results and challenges. IPIC attracts participants from around the world, including researchers, experts from industry and trade, and those engaged in municipalities and committees.

Urban modelling and design for PI distribution

A huge amount of transport planning time goes into modelling future mobility, while separately logistics companies use planning tools to plan and optimise operations. Freight uses the infrastructure and the transport planning industry does its best to manage performance, investment, capacity and operational needs. So far, they have been disjointed. But what if they worked closer together? Devrim Kara, Director UK & Ireland, PTV, will address this issue in the “Sustainable Distribution & E-Commerce Logistics” session on 10 July.

Next steps

"Concepts like the Physical Internet offer a holistic approach aiming at reducing costs at double-digit rates through modularisation, collaboration and interoperability," says Marcel Huschebeck, Logistics Research Portfolio Manager at PTV Group. He will discuss "Advancing the Next Steps towards Physical Internet" with the other participants in the plenary on 11 July.

In the afternoon, he will also present the latest Cluster 2.0 results on modularisation – a EU project that is coordinated by Marcel Huschebeck. His presentation is part of the session "Transport System Modularisation” – an aspect that is of major importance for PI, because modularisation and standardisation are essential for collaborative transport logistics.


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PTV. The Mind of Movement

PTV Group takes a holistic approach that integrates all aspects of traffic, transport and logistics to create and promote sustainable mobility. Recognised as global market leader, PTV develops intelligent software solutions for transport logistics, traffic planning and traffic management. Thus cities, companies and people save time and money, enhance road safety and minimise the impact on the environment. Based on its unique expertise in every facet of mobility, PTV ensures that people and goods arrive at their destinations safe and sound, and on time.

More than 2,500 cities deploy PTV products. Trips and routes for over one million vehicles are planned with our software. The European transport model, which encompasses all passenger transport and freight movements in Europe, is developed using PTV software. We currently have approximately 900 colleagues worldwide committed to driving the high performance of our products. PTV’s headquarters, located in the heart of the Karlsruhe technology region, house the company’s centre of development and innovation. From here, PTV plans and optimises everything that moves people and goods worldwide – it's the central idea which has accompanied the Group since its foundation in 1979.

The PTV business is managed worldwide in six regions: Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, MENA (Middle East, Africa, India), Asia Pacific, Americas.

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The 6th International Physical Internet Conference takes place in London from 9 - 11 July. The PTV Group experts will be there! Photo: PTV.


Devrim Kara, Director UK & Ireland, PTV


Marcel Huschebeck, Logistics Research Portfolio Manager, PTV Group


Background information on the Physical Internet

Since Dr. Benoit Montreuil, Chair and Professor at Georgia Tech, Coca-Cola Material Handling & Distribution Center, Atlanta, GA, presented his vision of a Physical Internet, it has evolved from a visionary approach to an international research initiative. It has also influenced the concepts of logistics in industry and trade. “Hyperconnected“, “synchromodal“, “collaborative“, “modular“ are the buzzwords that are linked to PI. Standardised modular boxes, the cooperation of all parties involved in storage and transport, collaborative planning and execution of transport, an open concept for the exchange of information and data – these are the basics required to turn PI into reality. And they help optimise the entire supply chain.

In recent years, leading companies have adopted this visionary approach towards a powerful integrated transport system. This trend also becomes visible at the International Physical Internet Conference, attracting high-calibre representatives from research and science as well as industry and trade.