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Release of PTV Navigator 10: flexible, customisable, user-friendly

Karlsruhe, March 23, 2017. The latest release of the truck navigation software PTV Navigator gives the users more choices: they can either use the Android app and personalise it with several new features, or they can build their own navigation application with the revamped software development kit, that is now available for all common operating systems.

PTV Navigator 10 comes not only with two new software developments, allowing users to build and customise their own systems and manage their licenses, but also with design improvements and a set of new features to improve usability and adaptability.

Be your own boss: manage your licenses and set up a personalised app

Until now, the easiest way to benefit from the professional truck navigation of PTV Navigator has been via the Android app. The new release brings with it a revamped poduct: the software development kit (SDK). In addition to Android and Windows, the SDK is now also available for iOS and Linux, allowing system integrators to build their own navigation apps from scratch which they can integrate into existing systems.

The new and free online license manager facilitates the process of adding and managing existing licenses and checking when customer licences are set to expire. This offers new insights and capabilities to benefit your sales, marketing, controlling or accounting department.

“There is a better route available for you.”

PTV Navigator makes it possible to circumvent congestion and save time on the road: When the real-time traffic service is activated while driving, the app constantly checks in the background if a better route is available, taking into account the current traffic situation and the specifications of the vehicle. The driver can then decide whether to take the alternative route or to stick with his designated route.

To display all alternative routes with their key parameters and to make comparing them easier, the design of the route overview screen has been improved, now showing the course, estimated time of arrival (ETA), route length, current delay and number of kilometres with tolls for up to three different routes.

Your PTV Navigator, your mobile data, your fuel card

PTV Navigator 10 will make the drivers’ lives easier. Thanks to the new mobile data limiting function, the user will be able to define how much mobile data he is willing to spend on receiving real-time traffic information. When the system recognises that the monthly set limit will be exceeded, it automatically regulates the focus and the frequency of the live traffic service. In this way, drivers still benefit from traffic information and can remain online.

An additional feature is the revised refuelling assistant that can show drivers only those gas stations along the route that accept the drivers’ preferred fuel cards.

PTV Group. Empowering mobility.

The PTV Group provides software and consulting to empower mobility and transport for a cleaner and smarter future. Its best-in-class software for intelligent traffic management and transport optimization enables decision-makers in politics, cities, industry, and trade save time and money, make roads safer, and protect the environment. PTV runs simulations to demonstrate today how tomorrow’s mobility, with all its ecosystems and dimensions, can be realized. From strategic transport planning to micromobility for the last mile.

The company was established in 1979. Today, approximately 900 employees worldwide work on future-oriented solutions to create intelligent and eco-friendly mobility for everyone.

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PTV Navigator 10: increased usability, improved design and more flexibility.


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