PTV Group boosts footprint in China

New Managing Director appointed to expand worldwide growth

Karlsruhe/Shanghai, 15.03.17. In keeping with the motto “Think globally, act locally”, the software provider PTV Group, Karlsruhe, is further expanding its international business in the transport and logistics sectors. A new Managing Director has now taken over responsibility for the local branch office in Shanghai, China. With his experience in all facets of transportation, Oscar Jiang Jing will boost the German corporate group's business in the growth market China significantly. In addition to the existing office in Shanghai, another two regional offices will be established in Beijing and Chengdu within the next three years, ensuring greater proximity to customers.

The challenges in China are many and varied. At the same time, the opportunities will be as vast as the country itself. Currently, there is targeted investment in the trend topic mobility – with future-oriented solutions for optimising transport and logistics. Therefore, China is working intensively on the electrification of transport. The aim is to operate exclusively electric buses throughout China within the next ten years. And the transport facilitator and taxi app provider Didi Chuxing has billions available for the expansion of its services from large investors such as Alibaba and Apple. In China, there are 662 cities; more than a million people live in 142 of these.

“We see huge demand in China. All cities in China are currently being asked to make mobility for their citizens fit for the future with the help of attractive public transport and modern transport services. There is immense interest in learning from us as an experienced mobility provider from the west how expertise can be built up on-site and innovative technologies used for this”, reports Vincent Kobesen, CEO of the PTV Group.

Huge market potential

In the field of traffic simulation, the company is already well-established in Asia. “We see great future potential in strategic transport planning, in the establishment of traffic  management systems that can process real-time data as well as in the optimisation of roads and public transport network, and shared mobility services”, explains the new Managing Director of PTV China, Oscar Jiang Jing. “We are the only supplier of transport optimisation software on the market that has its own branch office in China. I am already looking forward to the exciting task of working together with universities and experts on-site to ensure that there will be better mobility solutions in China in the future”, continues Jiang.

Expertise is key

Jiang brings 17 years’ practical experience from many areas of transportation. He has worked in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and China. Thus, for example, he managed the project of the Bus Planning Model in Abu Dhabi, advanced road development projects for the Land Transport Authority in Singapore, and he was responsible in Sichuan Transport Surveying and Designing Institute in China for design of road, waterway and port projects.

The Future of PTV China

China has the largest transportation systems in the world in terms of size and users. Therefore, it urgently needs model-based systems to plan, implement and manage complex transport systems.

Today, online applications are part of people’s daily life. This enables online service providers to collect massive, accurate data in real-time. Simple statistical calculations and regression analysis cannot handle the complexity of transportation systems and data. Model-based systems are required to solve these complex tasks. Thus, Oscar and his team are dedicated to providing transport authorities, institutes and consultants with software and services for shaping sustainable transportation systems. They will also focus on working in the field to provide cutting-edge solutions for real-time traffic forecast and management regulators and operators, mobility-as-a-service providers as well as for autonomous vehicles researchers, regulators and manufacturers in China.


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The company was established in 1979. Today, approximately 900 employees worldwide work on future-oriented solutions to create intelligent and eco-friendly mobility for everyone.

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Oscar Jiang Jing becomes Managing Director at PTV China in Shanghai.


PTV Group foresees a huge potential for mobility solutions in China.