PTV Group with Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion at UITP Summit in Montreal

UITP Global Public Transport Summit, 15 - 17 May 2017

Karlsruhe, Germany, 11.05.2017. UITP Global Public Transport Summit is the world’s biggest public transport event. Together with the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and Mayor Frank Mentrup, the PTV Group will be participating in a panel discussion, which takes place on 16 May 201 (11:00 am - 12:30 pm) as part of the “Cluster for Transport Innovation” session. At its stand 2B154, the German software provider will also present its latest range of Mobility-as-a-Service solutions (MaaS) for cities and public transport operators.

The panelists in Montreal include Dr. Frank Mentrup, Mayor of the City of Karlsruhe, Ralf Frisch, Solution Director Public Transport at PTV Group, Dr. Jürgen Greschner, CEO of init AG, Dr. Alexander Pischon, CEO of VBK, Dr. Alexander Viehl, Head of Intelligent Systems and Production at FZI, and Prof. Peter Vortisch, Head of the Institute for Transport Studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The discussion will be moderated by Robert W. Huber, Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Trade of Karlsruhe’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Focus on Mobility as a Service

At this year’s UITP event, PTV will showcase its range of advanced mobility solutions with a strong focus on MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) for public transport. At present, conventionally-powered vehicles dominate our roads, however autonomous modes of transport, that can also be shared by all passengers, are on the rise. But what does this mean for our cities and how can new mobility services complement public transport services? PTV experts will provide the answers to these and many more questions. Ralf Frisch will demonstrate the functionalities of PTV’s latest MaaS Accelerator Program. It offers a complete portfolio of software components for planning MaaS operations, including operation and control of MaaS in any city of the world. The development of this program is based on ongoing cooperation with customers and partners with whom we will focus on the modelling and assessment of MaaS business models. This also includes the simulation, optimisation of operating concepts and the control and integration into a city’s or country’s mobility platform or mobility mix operating system.

The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion is one of Europe’s leading business and innovation regions. It features a healthy mix of multinationals, world-leading scientific institutions, SMEs and start-ups, It also offers various pool positions in the area of mobility which include a pilot area for autonomous and connected driving and the city’s tram-train system that has gained worldwide recognition. What is more, Karlsruhe is Germany’s bicycle and car-sharing capital. Sustainable urban mobility is now high on many agendas as cities across the world seek to increase mobility and to lessen transport’s impact.

As one of the global players in this region, the PTV Group is internationally known for its world-leading transport planning software. Through its involvement in numerous research projects, PTV also takes an active part in shaping future mobility. As part of the “Smart Mobility for the Karlsruhe Region“ initiative, PTV cooperates with the City of Karlsruhe to develop a Mobility Lab – the world’s first lab where new mobility approaches are tested on the basis of historic and real-time data. PTV software is also used for the development of the European transport model, which encompasses all passenger transport and freight movements in Europe.


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PTV Group. Empowering mobility.

The PTV Group provides software and consulting to empower mobility and transport for a cleaner and smarter future. Its best-in-class software for intelligent traffic management and transport optimization enables decision-makers in politics, cities, industry, and trade save time and money, make roads safer, and protect the environment. PTV runs simulations to demonstrate today how tomorrow’s mobility, with all its ecosystems and dimensions, can be realized. From strategic transport planning to micromobility for the last mile.

The company was established in 1979. Today, approximately 900 employees worldwide work on future-oriented solutions to create intelligent and eco-friendly mobility for everyone.

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PTV Group will be presenting its Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions for cities and public transport operators.


Together with Dr. Frank Mentrup, the Mayor of the City of Karlsruhe, Ralf Frisch, Solution Director Public Transport at PTV Group, participates in the panel discussion at UITP in Montreal.