PTV Group and Arcadis partner to enhance mobility solutions in the urban environment

Decision makers will benefit from a unique blend of expertise and know-how

Karlsruhe/ Amsterdam 15.05.2019. PTV Group market leader in software solutions for traffic and logistics and Arcadis the leading Design & Consultancy organization for natural and built assets, join forces to best support cities in future mobility challenges. The cooperation agreement has been signed in Amsterdam.

There is a huge opportunity to rethink the way that cities are planned and managed, drawing on contemporary knowledge of internet of things, connected vehicles, environmental monitoring, traffic control systems, incident management, and building information modelling (BIM) to develop and strengthen synergies. 

Arcadis and PTV are collaborating to untap the potential to reshape the way that mobility data is used to plan and manage future mobility needs of people living in cities. Decision makers will benefit from a unique blend of expertise and know-how, methods and tools to establish new mobility concepts. Simulations of different scenarios can be run faster and more efficiently. The partnership will help both organizations to evolve thinking and develop a practical roadmap to deliver future urban mobility strategy.

There is strong demand worldwide for state-of-the art technology in the field of mobility. The PTV modelling software is used in over 120 countries. Vehicle manufacturers, service providers, logistics service providers, technology suppliers and urban planners are all interested in new mobility services that re-think mobility as a service (MaaS). PTV has developed an integrated platform for the delivery of MaaS covering a portfolio of technologies, from planning to operation and control. Arcadis is developing MaaS for the central business district of Amsterdam.

“Arcadis is excited to partner with PTV to discover additional ways that mobility data can be leveraged in planning and managing future urban mobility requirements,” Stephan Ritter, Arcadis Group Executive Innovation and Transformation, says. “Our unique blend of management consultancy and engineering capability complements PTV’s cutting edge transport modelling technology. Together we aim to provide enhanced mobility solutions to our clients, as well as strengthen our urban strategy and disrupt the field of global transportation modelling.”

Vincent Kobesen, CEO of the PTV Group adds: “We are committed to promoting mobility in our cities through strategic partnerships at international level - from urban development to specific transport concepts. The partnership with Arcadis is an important milestone as it combines world-class software and consulting services.”

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About Arcadis

Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy organization for natural and built assets. Applying deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services they work in partnership to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their natural and built assets. Arcadis has 27,000 people, is active in over 70 countries and generates €3.3 billion in revenues. They support UN-Habitat with knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world.

PTV. The Mind of Movement.

PTV Group takes a holistic approach that integrates all aspects of traffic, transport and logistics to create and promote sustainable mobility. Recognised as global market leader, PTV develops intelligent software solutions for transport logistics, traffic planning and traffic management. Thus cities, companies and people save time and money, enhance road safety and minimise the impact on the environment. Based on its unique expertise in every facet of mobility, PTV ensures that people and goods arrive at their destinations safe and sound, and on time.

More than 2,500 cities deploy PTV products. Trips and routes for over one million vehicles are planned with our software. The European transport model, which encompasses all passenger transport and freight movements in Europe, is developed using PTV software. We currently have more than 800 colleagues worldwide committed to driving the high performance of our products. PTV’s headquarters, located in the heart of the Karlsruhe technology region, house the company’s centre of development and innovation. From here, PTV plans and optimises everything that moves people and goods worldwide – it's the central idea which has accompanied the Group since its foundation in 1979.



PTV. The Mind of Movement

PTV Group considera el tráfico y la logística como un todo a fin de diseñar una movilidad preparada para el futuro. La empresa, galardonada como líder en el mercado mundial, desarrolla soluciones de software inteligentes para la logística de transporte, así como para la planificación y la gestión del tráfico. Esto contribuye a que las ciudades, empresas y personas ahorren tiempo y costes, a que las carreteras sean más seguras y a minimizar los efectos sobre el medioambiente. PTV emplea sus conocimientos especializados únicos en el mundo en todas las facetas de la movilidad para que las personas y mercancías lleguen a su destino a tiempo, con seguridad y de un modo respetuoso con los recursos.

Más de 2500 ciudades utilizan productos PTV. Los transportes de más de un millón de vehículos se planifican con el software PTV. El modelo de transporte europeo, que cubre la totalidad de los desplazamientos de personas y del tráfico de mercancías de Europa, se desarrolla con software PTV. Para ello trabajan con pasión más de 900 compañeros en todo el mundo elaborando soluciones potentes. La sede principal en el corazón de la región tecnológica de Karlsruhe es un centro de desarrollo e innovación. Desde aquí, PTV planifica y optimiza desde 1979 todo lo que mueve a las personas y mercancías.

La empresa alemana PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG forma parte de PTV Group. www.ptvgroup.com

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PTV Group and Arcadis sign cooperation agreement: Vincent Kobesen, CEO of PTV, Frank Goossensen, Arcadis Executive Director Business Development and Bram Mommers, Arcadis CDO.