PTV Group recognized as World Market Leader for Mobility Planning Software

In a second study, PTV ranks fifth among digital pioneers

Karlsruhe, November 28, 2019. PTV Group is one of the 450 German companies identified as global market leaders. The transportation and logistics software vendor made it onto the list of world market leaders 2020 recently published by the University of St. Gallen and the magazine WirtschaftsWoche. In the ranking of digital pioneers in the SME sector that was published yesterday, PTV is also ranked fifth out of a total of 4,000 evaluated companies.

The so-called “world market leader index” is compiled annually under the scientific guidance of Professor Dr Christoph Müller of the University of St. Gallen. The selection criteria are extremely strict: The companies must rank first or second in the relevant market segment and operate on at least three continents. In addition, half of the annual revenue of at least 50 million euros must be generated abroad. The jury bases its assessment on the current annual financial statements (for listed companies) or the publications in the Federal Gazette.

Christian U. Haas, CEO of PTV Group, is delighted that PTV has been recognized as World Market Leader by this internationally renowned university: "This assessment is proof of our work to date. At the same time, it is an incentive for us to further expand our high standards as mobility experts and as the world's number one for all facets of transportation".

In a second study, Munich Strategy consultants, together with Amsterdam-based digital consultancy Bloom, assessed the progress made in transforming around 4,000 German companies. With a digital score of 89.75, PTV came fifth, 19 percent above the average. Two-thirds of this digital score is calculated from the digitization of the entire value chain and one-third from the company's growth power.

The PTV Group has around 30 offices on all continents. 900 employees worldwide work on innovative solutions for the planning and optimization of transportation and logistics. Since this year, CEO Christian U. Haas, CTO Dr. Peter Overmann and CFO Klaus Lechner have been directing the business of the Karlsruhe-based company.


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PTV. The Mind of Movement

PTV Group considera el tráfico y la logística como un todo a fin de diseñar una movilidad preparada para el futuro. La empresa, galardonada como líder en el mercado mundial, desarrolla soluciones de software inteligentes para la logística de transporte, así como para la planificación y la gestión del tráfico. Esto contribuye a que las ciudades, empresas y personas ahorren tiempo y costes, a que las carreteras sean más seguras y a minimizar los efectos sobre el medioambiente. PTV emplea sus conocimientos especializados únicos en el mundo en todas las facetas de la movilidad para que las personas y mercancías lleguen a su destino a tiempo, con seguridad y de un modo respetuoso con los recursos.

Más de 2500 ciudades utilizan productos PTV. Los transportes de más de un millón de vehículos se planifican con el software PTV. El modelo de transporte europeo, que cubre la totalidad de los desplazamientos de personas y del tráfico de mercancías de Europa, se desarrolla con software PTV. Para ello trabajan con pasión más de 900 compañeros en todo el mundo elaborando soluciones potentes. La sede principal en el corazón de la región tecnológica de Karlsruhe es un centro de desarrollo e innovación. Desde aquí, PTV planifica y optimiza desde 1979 todo lo que mueve a las personas y mercancías.

La empresa alemana PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG forma parte de PTV Group. www.ptvgroup.com

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The Karlsruhe software company PTV is one of the world market leaders awarded by Wirtschaftswoche.