PTV Group boosts footprint in Middle East (MENA)

New Managing Director appointed to expand worldwide growth

Karlsruhe/Dubai, 25 September 2018. According to the motto “Think globally, act locally”, the software provider PTV Group, Karlsruhe, is further expanding its inter-national business in the transport and logistics sectors. Sales are managed world-wide in six regions. One of them, the entire growth region in the Middle East, Africa and India, will be taken over immediately by Andrea Petti as the new Managing Direc-tor. With his experience in intelligent transportation systems (ITS) he will further strengthen the development of the enterprise headquartered in Germany. In addition to the existing offices in Dubai, Doha and Johannesburg, other regional locations are planned in Saudi Arabia and India, ensuring greater proximity to local projects and customers. The previous managing director and co-founder of the company Dr. Thomas Schwerdtfeger retires after four decades of commitment and passion.

The challenges in the region are many and varied. Currently, there is targeted investment in the trend topic mobility – with future-oriented solutions for optimising transport and logistics. “We see huge demand in Middle East. A lot of cities and regions are currently being asked to make mobility for their citizens fit for the future with the help of attractive public transport and modern transport services. There is immense interest in learning from our know-how as an experienced mobility provider how expertise can be built up on-site and innovative technologies used for this”, reports Vincent Kobesen, CEO of the PTV Group.

Embracing new mobility concepts

With population and urbanization expected to continue increasing, public transport systems as well as alternative sustainable modes will be crucial to limit congestion and traffic, which have already reached alarming levels in many capitals across the region.

“The challenge is to shift private transport to public transport” explains Andrea Petti, Managing Director of PTV MENA. “Because of the low oil price, we have very powerful engines and no taxes. Therefore, it will be very difficult to really orchestrate mobility in a city unless you manage to bring the private transport into a shared or public transport. That is the biggest challenge in order to really embrace new mobility concepts.”

Change in management

Andrea Petti brings a lot of practical experience from business development and system integration in the local markets. He has worked in Turkey and Dubai for more than 20 years. Thus, for example, he was – located in Dubai – responsible for the global ITS business for Ericsson, one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The previous managing director and co-founder of the company Dr. Thomas Schwerdtfeger retires after four decades of commitment and passion by end of 2018. He continues to serve PTV Group as an advisor.

Huge market potential

For most countries in the region, the transport sector is central to their main objectives of accelerating economic development through export led growth, creating jobs, and reducing exclusion. It is also key to regional integration and vital to improving the quality of life and reducing poverty. There are two different categories: On the one hand, the transition countries as Africa where the optimisation of the environment and infrastructure is currently in the focus. On the other hand, the wealthy countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which are early adopters and which are keen to test new technologies and to rapidly implement new trends and solutions from inception to delivery as green-field-projects.

Andrea Petti and his team are dedicated to providing transport authorities, transport logistics companies, mobility-as-a-service providers as well as institutes and consultants with software and services for shaping sustainable transportation systems.



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PTV. The Mind of Movement

PTV Group planifie et optimise tout ce qui fait bouger les personnes et les marchandises, et ce dans le monde entier : 'itinéraires de transport, secteurs de vente, trafic individuel ou collectif. Nous proposons des logiciels, des données, du contenu, du conseil et de la recherche. Grâce à son expertise dans la planification à la fois du transport et du trafic, PTV est une entreprise unique en son genre.

Une mobilité économique et écologique durable nécessite une parfaite harmonisation des flux de trafic et de marchandises afin que les personnes et les marchandises atteignent leurs buts en toute sécurité et en toute efficacité. Dans le feu des projecteurs : la sécurité routière, la lutte contre le changement climatique et les concepts durables de mobilité. Pour y parvenir, les solutions PTV apportent leur soutien dans la logistique de transport, la planification et la gestion du trafic, également en temps réel.

PTV dispose d'un large éventail d'offres dans le domaine d'activité Logistique, du logiciel de planification de tournées et d'itinéraires de transport à la recherche d'emplacements de stationnement pour poids lourds, en passant par la planification de la distribution, la gestion de flottes et la navigation des poids lourds. Un service en ligne spécifique veille à la transparence en temps réel du processus de transport, et ce, tout au long de la chaîne logistique. Dans le domaine d'activité Trafic, PTV propose des logiciels, données et méthodes scientifiques destinés à modéliser et effectuer des simulations de réseaux routiers, qui permettent aux urbanistes et planificateurs de trafic de plus de 120 pays de contribuer ainsi à mettre en place des flux de transport optimaux.

PTV a son siège à Karlsruhe et constitue un centre de développement et d'innovation depuis sa création en 1979. Tout autour du globe, plus de 700 collaborateurs s'emploient à concevoir des solutions performantes pour l'administration publique, les ministères, le commerce et l'industrie.

La société allemande PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG est une entreprise de PTV Group. www.ptvgroup.com.

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PTV Group foresees a huge potential for mobility solutions in Middle East, Africa and India.


Andrea Petti is the new Managing Director at PTV MENA in Dubai.


Traffic planning with the software PTV Visum adjusted to local requirements


Traffic planning with the software PTV Visum adjusted to local requirements